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The disadvantages of being a freelance journalist…

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…As it applies to me currently

I don’t get to have a “normal” routine. I don’t get a decent, comfortable salary. I don’t get benefits. I don’t get to meet celebrities. I don’t get as much access. I don’t get a clear path of progression. I don’t get to move to other countries, on someone else’s dime. I don’t get to have office chitchat and work friends. Or a regular sense of togetherness. I don’t get company trips or parties. I don’t get to take part in the editorial meeting. I don’t get to report daily. Or to be in that press conference. I don’t even get free coffee.

But I do look forward to Mondays more than most people.

I do get to wake up on Monday the 4th of January and idly wonder what the day will bring…

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January 5, 2016 at 12:28 am

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