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2020: a timeline

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2020 was a bit of a weird year. I might summarise what it felt like sometime. I might not. But here is a concise timeline of the year.

December 30, 2019: London Gatwick to Hong Kong.

Celebrated NYE at a houseparty then went to Central island with Masha and Katya, Wing, and met Laurie. Saw in the new year with drinks on the street.

Woke up late on Jan 1 2020, had Vietnamese lunch with Masha then we joined the crowd for the New Year’s Day demonstration. Watched Knives Out in the evening at the cinema.

January 8: Hong Kong to Cebu City, for 3 days. Then Siargao where I was adopted by some locals and learned how to surf.

Published: The National – Growth of Haidilao feature

Jan 22: Manila to Chiang Mai. Spent too much money in Thailand.

Did an art course.

February 21: Bangkok to Taipei.

March 2: Taipei to Cebu to Siquijor.

Published: BBC Worklife – China’s WFH experiment

Mar 13: Manila to Fukuoka.

Celebrated my birthday with my friend Heloisa in her adoptive home of Fukuoka.

Had my flight from Fukuoka to Kuala Lumpur cancelled. Borders started to close down. Decided to stay in Fukuoka. Did not know that I would end up staying six months in Japan.

Published: BBC Worklife – The ways viruses can spread in offices

Started to save – cut outgoings to £25/day including accommodation costs.

May 1: BBC Worklife – Life after lockdown: how China went back to work

May 27: The National – Japan’s ‘touchless economy’ set for growth

June: Picked up various commissions. Worked on them. Nothing published.

July 3: Business Insider – Colin Huang profile

July 10: BBC Worklife – Why China skipped email

July 22: Nikkei Asia – British Chinese, long low-profile, worry about place in UK society

August: Fukuoka is hot. Went to a beach bbq. Waited to go on a holiday with a few friends.

Published: The Willowherb Review – A Paradise of My Own Making

Aug 27: went on a trip with Helo, Mar and Debs, to Sasebo. We rented an Airbnb. It was a very good holiday.

A place I was not supposed to swim

September 1: Fukuoka to Tokyo.

Published: BBC Future Planet – A Japanese wind turbine that can withstand typhoons

Sept 9: Tokyo to London Heathrow. Finally returned to the U.K. after 9 months away. Did not think England would get so much worse in terms of virus situation.

October 22: Business Insider – Japan’s lack of software supremacy

November 10: GAMINGBible – The Undead of ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Got Me Through Lockdown

Published: BBC News – China’s’ virtual idols’ talent show

BBC Worklife – The psychology behind ‘revenge bedtime procrastination’ – (I am fairly sure this was the most-read article I wrote in 2020)

December 5: Did an online Zoom reading for the launch of Covert literary magazine.

I had my first publication of my fiction – a short story called ‘Holographic Love in Lake District’ – Covert literary magazine – edition 1 – winter 2020

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